3M Dual Lock tapeWe supply 3M fastening tapes that are similar to the hook & loop system but that mate to themselves rather than having different male and female - hook & loop - strips.
When two pieces of 3M Dual LockTM tape are squeezed together their mushroom-shaped plastic stems interlock with one another with an audible snap to create a very secure fastening. To open, simply pull apart... these reclosable fasteners are guaranteed for thousands of openings & closings.
3M Dual LockTM Fastening Tapes also have a strong adhesive backing which means then can be used on a variety of surfaces including Metals, plastics, fibreglass, polycarbonate, glass, sealed wood, & rigid vinyl. Simply peel off the liner and press in place.
3MTM Dual LockTM Reclosable Fasteners offer advanced closure alternatives to zips, screws, snaps, hooks, bolts, glue and more.
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SJ3560 SJ3540 SJ4570
SJ3560 SJ3540 SJ4570