SJ3540 3Mô Dual Lockô tape

The 3Mô Dual Lockô SJ3540 Reclosable Fastener mates to itself, there is no male & female side. When two pieces are squeezed together their mushroom-shaped plastic stems interlock with one another with an audible snap to make a fastening which is stronger than hook & loop. To open, simply pull apart. Just like hook & loop, the fastening can be pulled apart and put back together, over and over again. 3M's advertised life cycle is over 1000 reclosures.

3M Dual Lock Fastening Tape has an adhesive backing which means it can be used on a variety of surfaces. Simply peel off the liner and press in place. The adhesive back bonds to most surfaces providing strong reliable interlocking surfaces with no drilling or mechanical fastening required. This SJ3540 tape is similar to SJ3560 but is more suited to indoor use.

The 3Mô SJ3540 Dual Lockô Reclosable Fastener provides fast, secure reclosable fastening performance replacing conventional fasteners such as screws, clips, rivets and bolts for a variety of applications including: Attaching mobile phone to car dashboard, alternative for screws in ceilings or walls, hanging graphics and signs, attaching decorative trim, closure for access panels.

Click here to see the 3M product specification sheet.

Buying Options

SJ3540 25mm x 25mm SJ3540 25mm x 50mm SJ3540 roll
2 pieces of 25mm x 25mm
2 pieces of 25mm x 50mm
1 roll of 25mm x 1000mm